Institute of Molecular Biology

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UO faculty doing research in molecular biology. Institute members are noted below their name.


Alice Barkan

Full member

Chloroplast gene expression; RNA-protein interactions; nuclear-chloroplast crosstalk

Andy Berglund

Full member

RNA-protein interactions, intron recognition and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing.
Bruce A.-Bowerman-headshot
Genetic analysis of the microfilament and microtubule cytoskeleton during early C. elegans embryogenesis.

Victoria DeRose

Associate member

Investigating chemical activity and structure in nucleic acids and proteins, with an emphasis on metal interactions.

Chris Doe

Full member

Neural stem cells, cell polarity and CNS development in Drosophila.

Marina Guenza

Associate member

Theory and simulations of biophysical systems, protein dynamics.

Karen Guillemin

Full member

H. pylori mechanisms of pathogenesis, bacterial-host interactions in development.

Mike Harms

Full member

Biophysics of protein evolution.

Diane Hawley

Full member

RNA polymerase, regulation of gene expression, protein-DNA interactions.

Tory Herman

Full member

Neural target selection and synapse formation in Drosophila.

Eric Johnson

Full member

Hypoxia, genomics, gene regulation.

Diana Libuda

Full member

DNA repair, recombination, and chromosome dynamics during meiosis

Andrew Marcus

Associate member

Protein dynamics, intracellular transport.
Brian W.-Matthews-headshot
Protein structure and function, protein folding, X-ray crystallography.

Brad Nolen

Full member

Molecular regulation of the cytoskeleton.

Raghuveer Parthasarathy

Associate member

Material properties of biological membranes, mechanisms of protein organization, advanced microscopy techniques, host-microbe interactions
Michael D.-Pluth-headshot

Michael D. Pluth

Associate member

Chemical biology, molecular recognition, fluorescent biosensors.

Annie Powell

Full member

Intestinal stem cells during development, homeostasis and disease.

Ken Prehoda

Full member

Signal transduction, protein interaction networks, x-ray crystallography.
S. James-Remington-headshot
Enzyme structure, mechanism and dynamics, x-ray crystallography, development of fluorescent protein biosensors.
Eric U.-Selker-headshot

Eric U. Selker

Full member

Epigenetics, DNA methylation, genome dynamics, gene silencing, position effects.
George F.-Sprague, Jr-headshot
Genetic regulatory mechanisms in yeast.
Franklin W.-Stahl-headshot
Recombination and meiosis

Kryn Stankunas

Full member

Chromatin dynamics and epigenetic control of vertebrate development.
Tom H.-Stevens-headshot

Tom H. Stevens

Full member

Membrane biogenesis, protein sorting, organelle assembly.

Scott Stewart

Associate member

Epigenetic contributions to vertebrate tissue regeneration.
Peter H.-von Hippel-headshot
Physical biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids, gene expression.
Developmental genetics of evolving traits,gene and genome duplication, evolutionary genetics, speciation.
Judith S.-Eisen-headshot
Neural and neural crest development, neuronal and glia cell fate specification, axonal pathfinding.
Charles B.-Kimmel-headshot
Pattern formation during development.
Parallel and distributed processing in simple biological networks.
John H.-Postlethwait-headshot
Genome evolution, evolution of development, developmental neurobiology.
Mass spectrometry and ion mobility techniques to investigate the physical and chemical properties that govern the organization of macromolecular assemblies at the nanoscale, including those found in biological membranes.
We use tools from microscopy, mechanics, computational modeling, and statistical physics to understand how cells move and invade, how cells die, and how cells engage in collective behavior that benefits the group over the individual, in a variety of natural and medically relevant settings.
Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation between neurons during development and repair.
Developmental genetics of neurons and muscle.

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