The von Hippel laboratory, member of the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon, is dedicated to the study of macromolecules and their interactions using molecular biology, biophysics, and classical biochemistry methods. Directed by Professor Peter H. von Hippel, the lab is composed of 9 members whose research interests include:
Protein-protein interactions at the phage T4 replication fork

(Emanuelle Delagoutte, Debra Jing, Paola Pietroni)
Polymerase holoenzyme accessory protein interactions important for
loading of the T4 sliding clamp onto DNA 

Primosome assembly and function 

A model for the T4 DNA replication fork 
Molecular basis of transcriptional regulation in prokaryotes
   (Clarke Conant, Jim Goodarzi, Sandra Grieve, Kausiki Datta)
Mechanism of rho-dependent termination
Thermodynamics of the interactions among E. coli RNA polymerase, template DNA,
and nascent RNA
Biophysical characterization of l N-mediated antitermination

Recent von Hippel Laboratory Publications
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