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The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) was founded in 1959 by Aaron Novick, Frank Stahl, and George Streisinger. These visionary scientists built a highly collaborative, integrated group where physicists, chemists and biologists work together to dissect the molecular underpinnings of living organisms. For example, 90% of tenured IMB faculty members have at least one paper published with a UO colleague. Many have collaborative grants. Further, many participate in research centers that allow researchers with common interests to work together. These centers include:

Reflecting the collaborative philosophy of both the IMB and the University of Oregon, all life science, chemistry, and physics laboratories occupy contiguous space in the Lokey Science Complex (8 attached buildings). Under one roof, biochemists, cell biologists, developmental biologists, physicists, organic chemists, and physical chemists use a huge variety of model organisms, techniques, and tools to understand and explain the properties of life.

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