Faculty and Research
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Members & Associate Members of IMB

Alice Barkan - Post-transcriptional control of gene expression in the chloroplast, protein-facilitated RNA catalysis.
Andy Berglund - RNA-protein interactions, intron recognition and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing.
Bruce A. Bowerman - Genetic analysis of the microfilament and microtubule cytoskeleton during early C. elegans embryogenesis.
Victoria DeRose - Investigating chemical activity and structure in nucleic acids and proteins, with an emphasis on metal interactions.
Chris Doe - Neural stem cells, cell polarity and CNS development in Drosophila.
Marina Guenza - Theory and simulations of biophysical systems, protein dynamics.
Karen Guillemin - H. pylori mechanisms of pathogenesis, bacterial-host interactions in development.
Mike Harms - Biophysics of protein evolution.
Diane Hawley - RNA polymerase, regulation of gene expression, protein-DNA interactions.
Tory Herman - Neural target selection and synapse formation in Drosophila.
Eric Johnson - Hypoxia, genomics, gene regulation.
Andrew Marcus - Protein dynamics, intracellular transport.
Brian W. Matthews - Protein structure and function; protein folding; X-ray crystallography.
Brad Nolen - Molecular regulation of the cytoskeleton.
Raghuveer Parthasarathy - Material properties of biological membranes, mechanisms of protein organization, advanced microscopy techniques
Michael D. Pluth - Chemical biology, molecular recognition, fluorescent biosensors.
Ken Prehoda - Signal transduction, protein interaction networks, x-ray crystallography.
S. James Remington - Enzyme structure, mechanism and dynamics, x-ray crystallography, development of fluorescent protein biosensors.
Eric U. Selker - Epigenetics, DNA methylation, genome dynamics, gene silencing, position effects.
George F. Sprague, Jr. - Genetic regulatory mechanisms in yeast.
Kryn Stankunas - Chromatin dynamics and epigenetic control of vertebrate development.
Tom H. Stevens - Membrane biogenesis, protein sorting, organelle assembly.
Scott Stewart - Epigenetic contributions to vertebrate tissue regeneration.
Peter H. von Hippel - Physical biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids; gene expression.


Other Faculty Doing Research in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

William Cresko - Developmental genetics of evolving traits,gene and genome duplication, evolutionary genetics, speciation.
Judith S. Eisen - Neural and neural crest development, neuronal and glia cell fate specification, axonal pathfinding.
James Hutchison - Ion and electron transport in biological systems and synthetic materials.
John Keana - Organic synthesis, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry.
Charles B. Kimmel - Pattern formation during development.
Shawn Lockery - Parallel and distributed processing in simple biological networks.
Peter O'Day - Cellular signaling, retinal physiology, ion transport .
John H. Postlethwait - Genome evolution, evolution of development, developmental neurobiology.
William Roberts - Signal processing in sensory systems, synaptic transmission, calcium signaling.
Joe Thornton - Molecular evolution and phylogenetics; hormones, receptors, and evolutionary genomics.
Nathan Tublitz - Neuropeptides, invertebrate neurobiology, neural basis of behavior.
Philip Washbourne - Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation between neurons during development and repair.
Janis C. Weeks - Neglected tropical diseases, neuroscience, biotechnology.
Monte Westerfield - Developmental genetics of neurons and muscle.


Emeritus Faculty

O. Hayes Griffith - Phospholipase structure/function; signal transduction; enzyme kinetics; fluorescent probes.
John A. Schellman - Theoretical biophysical chemistry.
Franklin W. Stahl - Mechanisms of recombination.

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